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- A review of 160 socially responsible mutual funds from 22 members of the Social Investment Forum (SIF)
has found, that the majority of the funds (65 percent), outperformed their benchmarks in 2009,
most by large margins. 73 of the large cap SRI mutual funds,
the largest single category of the SIF member funds,
outperformed the S&P 500 by 72.6 percent !

- According to the Social Investment Forum, by 2008 more than $1.9 trillion worth of assets in the U.S. were
under management utilizing some form of social screening. Socially responsible mutual funds in the U.S. manage
nearly $160 billion worth of assets: 8 percent of all U.S. assets under management, a 28 percent increase since 2005.

- In Canada, Socially Responsible Investment assets increased by 27% from 2002 to 2004, to a total of $65.5 billion.

- In the US, Ethical Investment assets grew 40% faster than all professionally managed investment assets
between 1995 and 2003, by a rate of 240% compared with 174% for all managed assets.

- Between 2001 and 2003 investment assets in the USA which employed one or more forms of social screening
increased by 7%, while all professionally managed portfolios fell by 4%.

- In 2002, socially responsible mutual funds in the US experienced net inflows of $1.5 billion,
compared with U.S. diversified equity funds which experienced outflows of nearly $10.5 billion.

- It was reported by Morningstar that money invested SRIs in the US grew 321%, from $9.5 billion in 2000 to
$40 billion in 2005, compared with only a 21% increase in money invested in all stock, bond and hybrid mutual funds.

- In the year to June 2005, European assets under management in green, social and ethical mutual funds
were reported to have increased by 27%.

- A survey of US investors conducted by Harris InteractiveŽ for Calvert reported that 84% of investors were
more likely to invest in a mutual fund if it engages in ethical business practices in its operations and reporting.

- The average 10-year return for the Domini 400 Social Index up to 2002 was 9.99%,
compared with the S&P 500's average return of 9.33%.

- In Canada, the Jantzi Social Index (JSI) gained 2.36% between 2000 and 2003 while the S&P/TSX 60 lost 6.92%.

- In the US, 11 of the 15 screened funds with US$100 million or more in assets earned top marks for
performance from Morningstar or Lipper for both the one year and the three years to end September 2001.

- Over the five years to end 2005, the average return in the US on socially responsible funds with investments
in large-cap companies was 11.99%, almost the same as the 12.60% average return on regular large-cap funds.

- In Australia, average SRI fund three-year returns to end June 2004 were 5.2 per cent,
compared with 4.4 per cent for the ASX 200 Index.

- According to the Social Investment Forum, the numbers of SRIs which included shareholder advocacy grew
by 15% between 2001 and 2003.

- In 2003 a record number of more than 1,080 proxy resolutions were filed in the USA, reflecting a high level
of involvement by stakeholders in the management and business practices of companies.

- The Social Investment Forum reported that the SRI strategy of community investing increased by 84%
between 2001 and 2003 in the USA.

- In 2003 there was $14 billion in community investment assets in the U.S, of which $72 million
were allocated to international community development projects.

- According to the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative socially responsible investing
does not result in lower investment returns.

- Research into the impact of community investments in Atlantic Canada in 2002 found that 73%
of the 263 respondents who had received technical assistance and business loans had increased their
business planning skills and 61% had increased their budgeting and financial management skills.

- In the United States, research conducted in 2001 identified 512 community investment funds which had,
in total, provided financial support for 7,484 businesses and created 52,798 jobs.

- The 2001 US study also found that the 512 community investment funds identified had provided financial
services to 2,143,217 people, mortgages to 7,139 economically disadvantaged people, 43,428 homes for
low-income families and 501 community service facilities in economically disadvantaged communities.

Social Investment Organization

The Social Investment Organization is a national network committed to integrating social responsibility and environmental sustainability with investment. We are a membership-based organization that includes financial institutions, investment firms, financial advisors and investors. Our members serve more than half a million depositors and investors in Canada.

:: ::
Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy

The Social Investment Organization is a national network committed to integrating social responsibility and environmental Ethics. It's the defining issue for today's organizations. Companies, professional firms and individuals alike are being held increasingly accountable for their actions, as demand grows for higher standards of corporate social responsibility. Today we are judged not only on the financial performance of our organizations, but also on whether we are good corporate citizens. And at the heart of corporate citizenship is organizational ethics.

Ethical Investing - Internet Resources

Mission Statement: We are dedicated to providing investment resources, including stocks and mutual fund investment resources, to those who are looking to make ethical investments. The Techniques and Philosophy section will serve as a suggested guideline for investing ethically. The ever-growing Resources sections for positive, ethical investments will be contrasted with the example of Monsanto, one of the world's most unethical investments that could be made so that investors will know what to avoid when investing responsibly.

Open Directory -
Business: Investing:
Socially Responsible: Mutual Funds

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Vote with your dollars!
Nothing gets the attention of corporate America like money!

Corp Watch -
Holding Corporations Accountable

Holding Corporations Accountable, Grassroots Globalization, campaigns, issues, research.

Canadian Business For Social Responsibility

CBSR works with companies that have committed to operating in a socially, enviormentally and financially responsible manner. By providing companies with advice, expertise and mentoring, CBSR acts as a catalyst in fostering progressive business behavior that contributes to solid financial performance, stronger communities and a healthier enviorment.

The Ethics In Action Awards

The Ethics in Action™ Awards is an annual event that recognizes organizations and individuals who exemplify good corporate citizenship by making corporate social responsibility a key aspect of their daily operations. These leaders are building a new business model, in which principles and profits are balanced in all decision-making.

Mutual Fund Reporter - Ethical Fund Performance

Ethical Funds Available Through ScotiaMcLeod & Their Performance

Web Directory - Mutual Funds

Top / Business / Investing / Socially Responsible / Mutual Funds

How To Avoid Monsanto Investments
(Mutual Funds, Stocks)

If you are a person who would never want to buy Monsanto stock, you may be inadvertantly supporting them by investing in certain mutual funds. This website will tell you about these mutual funds.

Azzad Asset Management, Inc.

Ethical investing is investing in line with principles that nearly all ethical investors share. It offers investors a convenient way to link their money with their values in a competitively performing portfolio. You can save for retirement, a child's education, or any other financial goal and stay in line with your values. Plus, by pooling your money with other ethical investors, you can gain a voice in Corporate America.

Ethical, Environmental and Social Funds in Canada

(Plus Banks & Credit Unions)

Community Savings : Products and Services :
Mutual Funds

Credential Asset Management Inc. is the credit union owned mutual fund dealer, which is part of Credential Group™, a national wealth management provider.
Through our relationship with Credential® Asset Management, Community Savings™ Credit Union can offer you the opportunity to purchase an excellent variety of top mutual funds offered through Credential® Asset Management with names you'll recognize. Today, more and more people are turning to mutual funds as a way to save for the future.

Ethical Investment Mutual Funds

Here are listed mutual funds that have
ethical criteria for their investments.

Ethical Mutual Funds - Socially Responsible Investing

Socially responsible investors believe that you can make money, while making a difference. They care about where their money goes. They want a secure financial future, but not at any cost. They avoid industries that contradict their core values, and they support companies that treat employees and communities fairly, and respect the environment.

SSRN-International Evidence on Ethical Mutual Fund
Performance and Investment Style

International Evidence on Ethical Mutual Fund
Performance and Investment Style.

Pax World Funds

Pax World Management Corp. announced that it now is an associate member of the Chicago Climate Exchange®, a voluntary, multi-sector market for reducing and trading greenhouse gas emissions, and will honor its commitment to purchase Carbon Financial Instruments equal to the firm's indirect greenhouse gas emissions. By doing so, Pax World will offset its entire greenhouse gas emissions that would otherwise contribute to global warming.

Corporate Knights

The vision of Corporate Knights is to create a global organization that is trusted as the Canadian and global source for who is good in the corporate world and who is not. The easier it is to make this distinction, the greater the reward for companies that are onside, and the more pressure to change for those that are not.

Ethical Funds® -
Canada's First Family of Socially
Responsible Mutual Funds

Is it important for you to know that your money supports civilian, and not military, industries? Do you care if the companies in your retirement portfolio treat their employees fairly? Does it matter whether or not corporations are working to reduce pollution?

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