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Parenting Resources

The Parent Site

Interesting pregnancy and parenting articles, informative resources, crafts, family fun ideas, free ecards, Baby Names, shopping, books, contests., the Website of Canada's #1 parenting magazine, Today's Parent! At you'll find a parenting community to call your own, with a library of information on all the ages and stages of your growing family, fun tools and features, discussion forums to swap advice with other parents, and contests that give you the chance to win fantastic prizes.

The Parent Report - Parenting Advice
& Community - Home Page

Articles on parenting. Community forums. School anxieties. Single Parenting. Today's featured book.

Baby Proofing Plus

Online catalogue of baby safety products! We ship all over the world. Pay in Canadian Funds and Save!


Canadian online source of parenting information - taking you from pregnancy right through to the teen years. Search for resources in your community, read articles, access help lines, view links to over 100 childhood topics, and much more.

Baby Home Safety

Baby proofing your home to give your baby the safest possible place to grow in is our goal, as it is yours. Visit each room to find safe child proofing products and helpful information on how to baby proof your child's world.

BC Council for Families - Parenting

Leadership through education, training, advocacy and research for the healthy development of families.
Since 1977, the BC Council for Families has worked on behalf of families, and people who serve families, across the province. We're a non-profit, non-governmental organization that: celebrates diversity in our definition of family supports families by providing resources, education and training to strengthen family relationships promotes prevention as the most effective way to reduce risk and enhance family resiliency advocates for families, keeping the needs of families on the agendas of legislators collaborates with other organizations, including community, government and business, in responding to issues and challenges facing families.


A unique selection of baby toys, cloth diapers, cloth diaper covers, diapering accessories, breastpumps, maternity bras, nursing bras, baby slings, and other baby care & maternity items

Children's Education Funds Inc. -

Win one of ten scholarships valued at $ 60,000.00 (potential value).

Child and Family Canada - Parenting

Welcome to Child & Family Canada, a unique Canadian public education website. Fifty Canadian non-profit organizations have come together under the banner of Child & Family Canada to provide quality, credible resources on children and families on an easy-to-navigate website. The managing partner of the consortium is the Canadian Child Care Federation.

e-Parenting Network

e-Parenting Network is interactive web TV where you can watch programs about parenting issues, read and download valuable information, and e-mail in questions you have about issues that are important to you as a parent. Together, you, guest experts, and your host Jayne Glenn will look at: Breastfeeding, Safety in the Home, the Car, and in the Neighbourhood, Climate Change, Nutrition for Toddlers and Kids at School, and Effective Parenting Strategies. There are special pages (areas of this web site) dedicated to each topic, and each page includes viewable video, downloadable and printable documents, and research material as well as links to other resources.

Parenting Magazine Features
Insights into Child Parenting
and Child Development

Parenting is important to you because your children matter. As a caring adult, you want to give your kids the best. So you strive to understand child development and child discipline and become a better parent. You work hard for your family and give them more than you had as a child. You read parenting magazines and books. But have you ever asked yourself what you want from this relationship?

Special Needs Ontario Window (SNOW)

Guidance through Ontario's educational system; community support organizations for parents; organizations supporting parents of students with special needs; and even information on service animals.

Attention Deficit Disorder and Parenting

What is attention Deficit disorder? How is it diagnosed? What are learning disabilities? Treatments for ADHD and learning disabilities?

Parenting with a Disability Network

The Parenting with a Disability Network (PDN) is a peer support and information-sharing network for parents and prospective parents with a disability. The aim of PDN is to develop consumer friendly approaches to parenting with a disability by providing opportunities for networking, peer support, information-sharing and education.

Baby Sign Language

Free resources created to teach baby sign language, A series of tutorials, Video dictionary, Flash cards, Wall chart.

Parenting After Divorce

Children need their parents' love, attention and financial support, as well as a safe environment. The Government of Canada continues to recognise that children's needs come first after separation and divorce.
In Canada, the federal government shares responsibility with the provinces and territories for family law matters. When making decisions about children after separation and divorce, the federal Divorce Act applies to parents who were married and are now divorced or are planning to divorce. Provincial or territorial laws apply to parents who were never married or are not planning to divorce.

Parenting - Family - Children
- Pioneer Thinking

Are you raising a child who is special in some way you can't put your finger on? Maybe your son or daughter is a challenge -- always on an emotional rollercoaster -- or wise beyond their years. Kids are very different in how they react to the world. I believe it is our job as parents to recognize this fact and provide them with the coaching and support they need to thrive.

parenting at the etc network

Family Site of the Day, talking with kids about tough issues, the Baby Daily. Kids: How They Grow. Computing for Kids.

TVO Parents

TVO is Ontario's public educational media organization and a trusted source of interactive educational content that informs, inspires, and stimulates curiosity and thought.

Parenting and Family Literacy Programs

Mission - to enable all students to reach high levels of achievment and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values they need to become responsible members of a democratic society.

Partners & Parents @

Excellent source of articles on parenting,
including blogs, polls & more.

Resources to Help your Child

As a parent, you want the best possible education for your child. Here are some resources you can use. Our publications share reading and math activities you can enjoy with your child. The websites listed here are designed with both parents and children in mind. (Elementary and secondary students will find directions to these and other websites in their own section of this site.)


The National body that supports professional development and ongoing competency of speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Through this support CASLPA champions the needs of people with communications disorders.


We actively invite any comments, questions
or suggestions you may have about our site.

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