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Educational Trusts

  • A formal Education Trust lets you specify exactly how your funds are to be invested.

  • You can specify exactly how and when the trust will pay out to your beneficiary.

  • No contribution limits.

  • No foreign content limit.

  • The 20% CESG bonus does not apply.

  • Contributions are not tax deductible.

  • A tax return must be filed for the trust annually.

  • The contributor is responsible for the taxes on all interest and dividends earned by the Trust.

  • The beneficiary may be taxed on capital gains.

  • Formal Education Trusts are complicated and may require legal assistance.

  • The Killam Trusts

    Established in 1965, the Killam Trusts comprise some $400 million (Cdn), the income on which is largely devoted to scholarships at the graduate and postgraduate levels in Canada. Funding for the Killam Trusts came from Izaak Walton Killam and his wife Dorothy J. Killam. Mr. Killam was one of the most successful Canadian business and financial figures of the first half of the 20th century. Having no children, Mr. Killam and his wife Dorothy planned to devote the greater part of their wealth to higher education in Canada.

    National Arts Centre - Centre national des Arts
    Education & Outreach

    The National Youth and Education Trust is the primary resource for youth and education funding at the National Arts Centre. Supporters of the Trust help the National Arts Centre pursue priority initiatives that nurture and develop the creative talent and expressiveness of young people in the National Capital Region and across Canada.

    In reaching out to Canada's youth, the National Arts Centre offers programmes that train emerging artists (masterclasses, internships, Summer Training Programmes etc.), build young audiences (student matinees, open rehearsals, Live Rush™ etc.) and provide resources to teachers (resource kits, teacher information nights and

    The Zoological Education Trust

    The Zoological Education Trust is dedicated to develop interests in Zoology. At every Annual Meeting, ZET organises discussion panels and invites well recognised zoologists to talk about new trends in Zoology. The target publics are mainly the youth and the public in general interested in these matters.

    The Alberta Foundation for the Arts

    The Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) is a crown agency of the Government of Alberta formed in 1991. Each year, $19 M from lottery revenues is distributed by the AFA to individual artists and arts organizations in the visual, performing and literary arts, and cultural industries. The AFA also administers the Alberta Film Development Program annual budget of $11 million. As the result of annual Foundation support to more than 1,200 grant applicants, Albertans enjoy an enhanced quality of life through opportunities to participate in the arts.

    Cambridge Female Education Trust

    Organisation aims and activities: 1. To provide support to deprived girls, enabling them to go to school, 2. To make educations accessible to the poor, 3. To support women's groups in relation to income generating activities, 4. To provide training and learning opportunities to early and other school leavers.

    Jack Warren Education Trust Fund Application

    Clearly state the reason and purpose for the application, the relavance to the profession, the funding required and other information to support the funding or award. Please describe for the trust committee in a one page summary your persomnal aspirations for a career in the real estate appraisal field, why you choose this field and what you hope to gain and give to the industry.

    Hydronics Installers as members of CIPH

    The vision for the CIPH (Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating) Education Endowment Trust Fund is: to provide a fund that will make available "seed money" for new CIPH education/training projects and initiatives that will provide meaningful, cost effective and accessible training to members of CIPH.

    The Ultan Patrick Byrne Family
    Education Trust Fund

    In 1997, Judge BPM (Patricia) Byrne founded The Ultan Patrick Family Byrne Education Trust Fund. The trust was established to honour the memory of her father, her father's heritage and to support university education in British Columbia. Bursaries are awarded on the based on financial need to assist with undertaking and/or completing programs (on a full time basis) in either: medicine, law, engineering or nursing.


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