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Canadian Scholarships

A scholarship is a predetermined amount of financial aid, awarded to students in high school, college, or university; to help students pay the costs of continuing their education. Scholarships often reflect the aims and intentions of a donor. Scholarship amounts vary, depending upon the benefactor, as well as, the nature and scope of the scholarship.

There are four main classes of scholarships:

1. Merit Based: based on a student's academic, athletic, artistic, extracurricular activities, or community service.

2. Need Based: based on the students and his or her family's financial position; as well as, their program of study.

3. Student Specific: applicants must qualify by gender, race, religion, family or medical history, or many other student-specific factors. Minority scholarships are the most common awards in this category.

4. Career Specific: awarded to students planning to pursue a specific field of study, and then work in that field.

A scholarship looks great on your resume, it confirms you are a person who can achieve above the norm. Scholarships are free money ! and there is alot of it out there, all you have to do is take a few minuites to research ( click the links below ).
There are several Scholarship websites with valuable resources on this page: take some time to learn about, and apply for, a Canadian Scholarship. Most high schools have their own list of patrons, who donate money at graduation to deserving students. There are alot of very generous benefactors in Canada; from whom, any Canadian student can obtain scholarships to help pay for tuition, books, and living expenses. There are so many scholarships available, many go unclaimed every year.

The links on this page provide details on how to apply for a Canadian Scholarship, the kinds of scholarships available, and how to apply for Canada Student Loans and Canadian Government grants. Most websites have links to numerous other sites where money is available. All you have to do, is take the time to fill out a scholarship application. There are grants available to help you pay education expenses, and there are grants you can apply for, that will repay part of your student loan when you graduate.

Canada Student Loans
Canada Student Loan resources, loan requirements, and links to student loan offices by province and territory.

Canadian University Tuitions
Canadian University Tuition fees by Province and Faculty

AUCC Scholarships
The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. The voice of Canada's universities. Alphabetical listing of AUCC scholarships. Canadian and international scholarships, exchange programs, work placements and research opportunities.

A comprehensive scholarship portal. Search through our extensive database to find scholarships, student awards, bursaries and grants. You will also find information about student loans, applications and budget planning.

Student Awards and Financial Aid
University of Calgary

A list of scholarships and their eligability requirements.
Conditions: offered annually. These awards require separate application forms and application dates vary.

Guide to Canadian Scholarships
Five years ago, $74 billion in financial aid was available for higher education.

FinAid - Other Types of Aid -
Financial Aid for Canadian Students

Financial Aid for Canadian Students, Loans, Military Aid, descriptions of financial aid resources for Canadian students. The information applies to Canadians seeking aid for study in both Canada and the United States.

Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation
Whether you’re a high school student exploring post-secondary options, or currently studying at CEGEP, college or university, the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation can help you achieve the future you want.

Department of Education -
Student Loans (Student Assistance)

Nova Scotia Student Assistance. Complete our secure Web-based Student Loan application form. Find and Print status information about your Student Loan. Use the calculator to determine your parents' contribution to your education.

Canadian Bursaries, Scholarships in Canada,
bursaries, scholarships

A bursary is money given to a student who demonstrates great financial need.Search for a list of available scholarships in Canada, and learn more about Canadian bursaries and other options that could help you finance your education through the Financing section of CanLearn. Non-Canadian citizens could also qualify for thousands of other available scholarships in Canada.

Government of Canada International Scholarship Programs
Canadian Scholarship Programs for Non-Canadians wishing to study/conduct research in Canada


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