Ethical Investment's Contribution to Society

The socially responsible investment market has made many direct and indirect contributions to society, through influencing investment patterns, shareholder advocacy actions and community investment.

Some specific examples include:

  • Contributing to the abolition of apartheid in South Africa, by steering investment away from those companies who were indirectly supporting the regime through their business dealings with the country.

  • Helping to bring about bans on the advertising of tobacco in a number of countries.

  • Bringing climate change and other environmental factors to the centre of the corporate agenda. In the USA especially, many large publicly traded companies have responded to shareholder pressure by agreeing to report annually on the social and environmental impacts of their activities and the steps being taken to address these.

  • Providing much needed social and economic assistance for under-privileged communities both in the developed and developing world.

  • Persuading an increasing number of companies to release details of their employment practices and statistics, thereby encouraging them to adopt equal opportunities policies and good employment practices.

  • Helping to promote increased transparency, accountability and freedom of information in business generally.

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    Ethical Investment's Contribution to Society

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